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Feedback from very satisfied clients PDF Print E-mail
  • After a 2015 Dynamic Reading Skills workshop:

'Excellent course, the best I have been on for a long time.'

'My words per minute speed increased over the 2 days with no significant impact on retention. The course should be extended to more people within the company.'

'Very helpful and I doubled my words per minute score.'

In response to 'what did you most like about the workshop': 'Improving skills that I can take back and apply in my role and personal life.'

'This is probably the most useful course I've attended so far.' And: 'I'll be recommending it to colleagues both Legal and otherwise.'

'Very good, great benefit and actually fun. Kept everybody's attention. Made it fun and interesting.'

'Will definitely have an impact on work...very happy with my results.'

'Very engaging, hands on type of course, far better than some I have attended.'

  • After a public 'Effective Communication' course:

'Thank you once again for a very valuable, well organised and well presented few days. As far as my situation goes, there was a very productive meeting this morning in which opinions were aired freely and constructively, resulting in some very positive feedback from both sides. This is hopefully a fresh beginning!'

  • Feedback from a 'Facilitation Skills' programme for a pharmaceutical company:

'Thanks very much, totally enjoyed the training and feel that I've learned loads.'

  • Four responses to what delegates liked most about an 'Effective Writing' course:

'The ability to discuss real-life examples and learn from each other.'

'I really enjoyed working on the outline plan and persuasive stepping stones.'

'New ways of working; the use of mind-mapping and drafting reports.'

'Across a wide area of the written word: layout, punctuation and using less complex terminology.'

  • Responses from a 'Leading and Working in Virtual Teams' programme:

'Mark is a wonderful instructor, engaged the entire group and kept our interest throughout the two days.'

'An excellent instructor - knowledgeable and personable.'

'Great course!'

  • Some comments on a 'Presentation Skills' event for a pharmaceutical company:

'Thoroughly productive and enjoyable, this has definitely given me confidence in areas that were of most concern.'

'Very enjoyable and useful course to attend. Course content was relevant!'

'This was a very useful course, well worth attending.'

  • Feedback from a recent 'Time Management' event in the USA:

'Great class!' 'Thanks John, great job.'

'Interactive style of educator and very well presented.'

  • Comments from a 'Communications Skills' event run in Europe:

'Presentation excellent, would recommend this course and would be open to taking other courses offered by Johnnie.'

'Really enjoyed this course and thought it was very informative and fun!'

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