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The need for improved personal skills in the workplace

Managers and staff require a wide range of business skills every working day. Improving and updating these skills is an essential part of developing confidence and improving job effectiveness for the health of the business. The programmes below can be 'packaged' and tailored to your requirements and run over 1-2 days, depending on group size, course content, time availability and budget.

Time Management 
How to achieve results more effectively by learning how to spend more time on things that really matter and control time-stealers.

Personal Organisation
Everyone can save time and become more productive by learning ways to improve personal effectiveness.

Presentation Skills
Building confidence and skills. Doing justice to your ideas, products and services, whether you are presenting to clients, colleagues or internally.

Effective Writing
Learning to write clearly, succinctly and accurately is an even greater need for most people nowadays.

Dynamic Reading Skills
Learning new skills to help you read twice as fast, as well as retain more information. An eye-opening event.

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Dealing and communicating with staff and customers at all levels, more confidently and successfully.

Customer Care
To help everyone who has to deal with customers maintain the right attitudes and behaviours to create the best possible impression.

Building Self-Confidence and Assertiveness
Enabling people to make the most of their potential, particularly in conflict situations.

We tailor our training programmes to meet your needs in flexible, practical ways. Please refer to our 'Contact us' page at any time to explore matters further by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or calling us on 01865 300754.

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