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Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Mark delivers in-company training across most European countries, the Middle East, India, Hong Kong and the USA. He is a partner in Temple Millar and focuses on:

  • Business Writing / Report Writing Skills
  • Performance Management /  Management for New Managers
  • Selection and Recruiting Interviewing
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Previously, Mark worked for the book publishers Oxford University Press in marketing and as an editor. He managed the East Asian office in Hong Kong with responsibility for all publishing and printing activities. Before this, Mark graduated from Edinburgh University with an M.A. (Hons) in French and English and in 1994 gained a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology from the Open University.


Johnnie Nettlefold

Johnnie Nettlefold

Johnnie started his business career in the insurance industry with Lloyds of London, working for them in the United States and subsequently running a team of brokers in the UK. Previously, Johnnie had travelled and for 3 years worked in Kenya as part of the anti-poaching initiative, running a team of wardens and trackers. He is a partner in Temple Millar and specialises in:

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
  • Dynamic Reading Skills (Speed Reading)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time and Priority Management

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